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Revolving Door Instructions and Forms

Revolving Door General Instructions

The Illinois “Revolving Door” statute (5 ILCS 430/5-45) prohibits certain state employees or former state employees (or his or her spouse or immediate family member) from accepting employment or compensation from a non-state employer if the state employee, in the past year, made regulatory/licensing decisions or awarded contracts affecting the non-state employer. The law also requires certain current and former state employees to notify the OEIG when offered employment or compensation from a non-state employer so that the OEIG can determine, within 10 calendar days, if accepting the employment or compensation is prohibited by law. The time period begins to run when the OEIG receives both the RD-101 and the RD-102 form. Revolving Door Forms (RD-101, RD-102 and RD-103) allow the OEIG to determine whether an employee may accept a particular employment offer or compensation.

Please Note: Right-click on the form and select "Save link as..." to save a copy to your computer before filling it out in Adobe Acrobat Reader - NOT in a web browser.

Instructions to State Employee or Former State Employee

State Employees or former State Employee:

1)Fill out Form RD-101. Make a copy of the completed form and return a completed copy to the OEIG via one of the three methods listed below.

2) Provide a second completed copy of RD-101 and a blank Ethics Officer form (RD-102) to your state agency’s ethics officer.
3) Provide a blank Prospective Employer form (RD-103) to your prospective employer.

The ethics officer and prospective employer may return their forms directly to the OEIG or to you to submit to the OEIG. The OEIG is required to make a determination within 10 calendar days of receiving notification from the State employee or former State employee. Though the form RD-103 is not mandatory, the OEIG strongly recommends timely submission of a form RD-103, as the additional information could assist the OEIG when assessing your application.

Instructions to Ethics Officer

Agency Ethics Officer: Please complete the Ethics Officer form (RD-102), sign it and return it to the state employee or former state employee, or return it directly to the OEIG via one of the three methods listed below within 5 calendar days after having received the RD-101 notification from the employee or former employee.

Instructions to Prospective Employer

Prospective Employer: Please complete the Prospective Employer form (RD-103), sign it and return it to the state employee or former state employee, or return it directly to the OEIG via one of three methods listed below.

How to Submit Forms to the OEIG

Via US Mail or In-Person drop off: 
Office of Executive Inspector General
Attn: Revolving Door Determinations
69 West Washington Street, Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60602

Via Fax:
(312) 814-5479

Via Electronic Mail:


Questions may be directed to either the ethics officer of the state agency for which the state employee works/worked or to the Office of Executive Inspector General at 312-814-5600; (TTY) at (888) 261-2734.

NOTE: The RD-101RD-102, and RD-103 forms are in Adobe PDF format and Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary for viewing and completing the forms. The Revolving Door forms can be completed electronically using ​Adobe Acrobat Reader​ but must be printed, signed, and returned to the OEIG.​​