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The OEIG’s online complaint system recently experienced a technical glitch.  As a result, any complaints submitted online between 12:40pm on June 15, 2024 and 10:20am on June 24, 2024, were unfortunately not received by the OEIG.  If you submitted a complaint during this window, please refile your complaint.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hiring & Employment Monitoring Division

​The State Officials and Employees Ethics Act directs the OEIG to "review hiring and employment files of each State agency within [its] jurisdiction to ensure compliance with Rutan v. Republican Party of Illinois... and with all applicable employment laws." 5 ILCS 430/20-20(9). In keeping with this mandate, in FY2016, the OEIG created the Division of Hiring & Employment Monitoring (HEM), which conducts compliance-based reviews of State hiring and employment procedures and decisions to ensure that they are lawful, merit-based and/or justifiable. HEM conducts file reviews and on-site monitoring of agency hiring decisions, and also works closely with the monitor appointed in the federal Shakman litigation, who is reviewing hiring practices at the Illinois Department of Transportation and other agencies under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Governor. HEM operates independently from the OEIG Investigative Division.