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Founded OEIG Investigative Reports

After an investigation, if the OEIG determines there is reasonable cause to believe that a violation of law or policy has occurred, it will write a founded report that documents:

  • The allegations of wrongdoing;
  • Facts confirmed by the investigation;
  • An analysis of the facts in comparison to the applicable law, rule, or policy; and,
  • Findings and recommendations.

According to the Ethics Act, the Executive Ethics Commission (EEC) determines whether an OEIG founded report will be made publicly available.  The EEC is required to publish founded reports that resulted in a suspension of three or more days or termination of employment.  For all other founded reports, it is within the EEC's discretion to publish.  

OEIG founded reports that the EEC has made publicly available can be found here.

Fiscal Year Case Number Subject(s) Agency Nature of Violation(s) Title